Welcome to Shandong Taifeng

One of the largest two-way cartridge valve manufacturer in China!
A professional manufacturing enterprise for high-end hydraulic control components.

Company Introduction

Shandong Taifeng (previously named Taifeng Hydraulics), a professional manufacturing enterprise for high-end hydraulic control components...


Quality Certificate GB/T 19001-2016/ISO9001:2015

Shandong Taifeng has been successfully awarded Quality Management Systems Certificate...


Customized Products and Services

We are able to design per customer's requirements. Most of Taifeng products are customized designed per customer's requirements....?

  • cartridge valves and manifold
  • other hydraulic valves
  • high pressure piston pumps
  • sectional valves
  • hydraulic power station


Mainly used in automobile manufacturing, casting and forging machinery, metallurgical equipment, ship machinery, construction machinery (excavator, concrete pump truck, crane, hydraulic pile machine), agricultural machinery (cotton baler, grass grabber, tractor, harvester, harvester), petroleum machinery (workover rig, core drilling rig) and other fields.

Latest News
Taifeng attended Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition during May 15 th and May 18 th .
Taifeng attended bauma China 2018 during Nov 27 and Nov 30th.Sectional valves and high pressure piston pumps are displayed at the booth.
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