Sectional Valves

TET16 Series open core sectional valve

Spool specification: 16mm, Maximum pressure: 300bar, Inlet flow: 80L/min, Reversing connection flow: 80L/min

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Spool specification: 16mm
Maximum pressure: 300bar
Inlet flow: 80L/min
Reversing connection flow: 80L/min

TET  XX - X  X    XX - X-X
  1    2      3  4      5     6
1.code: TET   2.Serial number: 16
3.fixed displacement pump D, variable pump B                      
4.Control method: manual control S, pilot control X
5.number of connection: 1-10
6.customer identification n no.

Excavators,5 to 8tons, loader, forklift, drill, lifting appliance, agricultural machinery.

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